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Find out all information about the amazing breed of speed racking horses / single footing horses and the breeder who etablished this breed in Europe: The Single Footing Horse - The Ferrari among themgaited horses


The breed of Single Footing Horses - often equated with the Speed ​​Racking Horses - has been around for more than 60 years, contrary to popular belief in Europe. One of the stallions that has had the biggest impact on today's breed is EZD Falcon Rowdy. A stallion, measuring just 1.44m, from the rare line of the "Kentucky Walker", a trolling cross largely of Morgan and Arab that quickly became extinct in the 1930's. They have a soft 4-beat gait with a speed of up to 24 km/h. Falcon Rowdy, who also unmistakably carried Standardbred blood, became famous because, according to legend, he could increase this gait in "single foot" to a maximum speed of an alleged 51 mph.
In fact, the single footers go up to 50 km/h at maximum speed. Falcon became known as one of the world's fastest horses in the world when a vet, fascinated by his gait mechanics, extensively visualized and documented them. Another founding father of the Single Footing Horses was Coral LaCe, a Largo Paso Fino (born 1964), who, however, hardly plays a role in today's breeding. The targeted breeding for the single foot arose from the enthusiasm for the tough, resilient, relaxed and fast rackers.


breed characteristics

The studbooks are still open today. The breed is defined by the gait. The high ranged speed of the gait was brought to perfection, crossing gaited breeds over generations such as American Standardbred, Tennessee Walker, Morgan, Spotted Saddle Horses etc. Today the horses carry mostly standardbred blood.
From a leisurely 4-beat gait, the horse should be able to accelerate with a balanced temperament to a race rack where only one hoof touches the ground at a time. The gait should not be broken into a canter, trot or pace. Depending on the breeding direction, the breed characteristics used and taste, the gait differs in terms of how strong it is genetically fixed, i.e. how much natural rack is present and whether the horse tends to pace or trot or, as they say in the USA, is "square". that is, shifted neither in one nor in the other direction. Trotters are particularly popular – much more than pacers.  Those horses that trott when running free and show rack as soon they are under the saddle are known as the best: They show the highest speed in rack without breaking the gait.


Come visit Vogelstockerhof, the pioneer of speed racking horses in Europe and the biggest herd of true singlefooting horses. The broodstock of Vogelstockerhof was carefully selected to beware and improve the breed within the main goals: Health, disposition and a true singlefoot without needing any mechanics.


The gait should provide absolutey comfortable, natural, square 4 beat and the true ability to singlefoot. It should be animated with a big fronend AND Motor but never sacrifice natural ability to a pacy, showy gait with weights. 

The disposition should always be friendly with lots of will to please, relaxed and controlable. A relaxed temper will never be sacrificed to the will to GO and to compete but both only should go hand in hand.

The conformation should last for eternity. We breed endurable, sound horses with best fundament, never sacrificed to hypermobility.

Our priniciples seem to be hard for the one or the other but to prevent the breed from a lack of quality in its very beginning we DONT ACCEPT COMPROMISES regarding these goals and we will always stand up for them.



"The speed racking horse is unique. Its a trail horse, always controlable, giving you a smooth rack while you enjoy the woods. But if you ask it to go it will lay the world down to your feet and make you fly and forget everything around you. On the trail and on the rail"

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  • endurable & healthy

  • reliable & relaxed

  • humanrelated & sensitive

  • easy ridden 4 beat single foot in all speed variants

  • FAST


...thats what our horses are. Come and check them 30 mares, stallions and offspring out!


All our mares have been carefully selected in USA and are proven high quality riding horses before starting to breed them. Each one could be pulled out of the pasture at any time to have even beginners ride them. We only kept the best of our own offspring for our breeding program. We require best conformation, natural gait with speed and best disposition. Our mares represent the best lines such as Enterprise, Pretty Boy Floyd, Drummerboy, Rowdy Rebel Gold, Big Blue Madness, Banjo and many more...Find videos at the bottom of the site.


She´s a 4 Speed

V: Speed M: Gabrielle Rose


Size ~ 1,54m

born 2012

Reg SHOBA, RHBAA, Stutbuch I Speed Racking Horse

Bay sabino speed racking/single footing mare with natural high frontend, will to please and sweet disposition. VIDEOS

283344084_4669475439824868_4975737515954240483_n (1).jpg

Jammer´s Gypsy

V: Banjo M: Jammer

Size ~ 1,57m

born 2019

Reg RHBAA, SHOBA, Stutbuch I Speed Racking Horse

Very well mannered sweet mare with tons of mane, motor and fronthand.



Jigolo´s Hope

V: Hot Patches Jigolo M: Barbra Jean

Size ~ 1,59m

born 2011

Reg SHOBA, RHBAA, Stutbuch I Speed Racking Horse


Buckskin speed racking / single footing mare. Fine character with perfect conformation for speed.




Ruger´s Sugar Shock

V: Redneck Ruger M: Falcon´s Creme Brullee

Size ~ 1,55m

born 2018

Reg SHOBA, RHBAA, Stutbuch I Speed Racking Horse

Sooty buckskin speed racking  mare. Very well seperated gaits with nice trott, canter and walk beside rack and speed rack. VIDEO


Echo´s Blue Sky

V: Echo´s Blue Sky M: Blackcreek Sarah

Size ~ 1,53m

born 2018

Reg RHBAA, Stutbuch I Speed Racking Horse

Special  true blue roan sister to legendary Pretty Boy Floyd with the look, beauty and natural gait.