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You are responsible for what you have made yourself familiar with throughout your life.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Der kleine Prinz (Le petit Prince)

Often we are asked "what is the foal able to when it leaves your barn?". My answer: "we don´t teach them nothing at all." Only thing it learned is confidence. To humans and to a good herd. Not a day without cuddling and touching them by us and our children, maybe rebuke them from time to time if they are getting too brisk. Thats all they learn: Humans are good and its good for theirselves to be the same kind and respectful to humans as the rest of the herd is.  Anyway when they are weaned and ready to leave: You pull on the halfter as they never did something dfferent before, you pull up their hooves and you lead them to the trailer. There was none that did not arrive encouraged and relaxed to the new familiy in their new barn. But our responsibility doesn´t end there because we made them familiar to us we feel responsible for them for their whole lives. So don´t hesitate asking us in case you have any questions in future. 


Overview natural ability of Vogelstockerhof´s offspring ´24