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  • Whats the price of the horse?
    Each single horse of us was selected carefully regarding disposition, gait, ease to ride, range of speed and imported to Germany. We don´t do any "package price business" or buy cheap to make the better deal. Each single mare was proven as riding horse before breeding her. The money you will spend on one of our horses will be paid back again and again in the future. Don´t hesitate to contact us about any questions about our offspring or ridden horses!
  • How do I ride the speed racking horse?
    Though some are more on the trotty side, some are more of the pacy side, the rack of the speed racking horse is 100% genetically fixed. If you can ride a horse you can ride a speed racking horse. If you increase speed from the walk they start to rack automatically. You don´t need to use any pressure. Speed rack is comming with training and muscles as soon its in their blood. They will offer you to go faster as soon they are able to but they don´t mind if you hold them back or if you want to leave from a speed rack to a walk again. They never forget their rider - no matter how fast they are, they always have one ear at the riders mouth.
  • Which kind of care needs my speed racking horse
    Speed Racking Horses appear to be very undemanding. They can stay in a paddock or pasture over winter, they don´t get fat as easy as islandics, peruvians or other horses not used to german pasture. Some even need some additional food if its very cold or wet but most are good with hay only. The quantity of grain depends on the quantity of work. They are very good to combine with any other breed. Severals are in herds with islandics, warmbloods or other gaited breeds such as Mangalarga or TWH.s)
  • On which breeds does the breed of speed racking horses base on?
    (The speed racking horse is a north american gaited horse today based mainly on the American Standarbred often crossed with little percenteage of blood of other gaited horse breeds. The most frequent cross is a Walker-cross but there are also crosses with saddler, pasos or islandics. The American Standardbred is a race horse that is bred for trotting races AND pace races what means it is a purebred gaited horse. Its even proved today that the homozygoth carriers of DMRT3 are the most successfull (trotter and pacer) race horses because they don´t break the gait into a canter. Thats why the gene is called "gait keeper gene". At the same time DMTR3 is the gene that tells if a horse is gaited or not at all. The American Standardbred is said to be one of the fastest race horses of the world. As a cross with other gaited breeds the speed racking horse appears as a very good combination of speed, will to go and endurance while still showing a calm, relaxed and undemanding disposition.)
  • How old is the breed?
    The first speed racking horses were registered in the early 60ies. The origins of the Speed Racking Horse can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the southern United States, particularly in Tennessee and Kentucky. Breeders sought to create a horse that could cover long distances quickly and comfortably, making them ideal for plantation owners and riders who needed a smooth and efficient mode of transportation
  • Which purpose is the speed racking horse suitable for?
    The speed racking horse is a reliable partner for the amateur and profi rider suitable for the rails and trails. Its at the same time an impressive show horse and sports partner and a familiy horse for relaxed trail rides in a slowly rack or with high speed - just as you like. You can leave it on the pasture for weeks and just pull it out for a trail ride and it will be you whatever you want it to be: Willing to work and competitive or relaxed and calm.
  • Do I need an oval track or special training area?
    Do you need a special training area to canter an islandic? You will not need any special training environment. Every distance you would use for an other horse to canter you can use to speed rack with a speed racking horse. Speed rack is a sprint. Its not a gait to use over miles. You will have lots of fun racking the speed racking horse over miles in a smooth, natural slow rack and just use the "kickdown" of the speed rack from time to time to fly.


Some exceptional horses are for sale, including proven mares and some extraordinary young stallions. All of our stock is selected and bred to be true singleooters, natural gaited but without being too lateral, for sweet and relaxed disposition.


See mares on the left, colts and studs on the right. See additional pictures and videos of the ridden horses on our broodstock side.

A 20.000-30.000€

B 10.000-20.000€

C 5.000-10.000€

for sale

Hotstepper & Titan

Hotstepper: geboren im Mai 2022 Bay Tobiano Hochgeschwindigkeits-Verpackungspapiere M: Bambam Baby V: Kentucky Chrome Größe ca. 1,60m Titan geboren im April 2022 Cremelo M: Spanien V: Nugget des Himmels ca. Größe 1,56m


Beide Jährigen sind kräftig gebaute, gutmütige, freundliche und hübsche Jungs mit viel Talent. Sie waren als Zuchtanwärter geplant, aber aus Zeitmangel müssen wir die Anzahl der Hengste/Hengstfohlen verkleinern. Jemand hat die großartige Gelegenheit, eines davon zu besitzen.

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