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Are you looking for your new gaited horse, would you like "something ready-made" but can't find anything that suits your budget or your requirements? Are you worried that you don´t have the abilities to raise and teach a foal? Yes, it takes a little bit more patience, but with the purchase at the foal price you are buying yourself a horse that wouldn´t be later, as a trained horse, on the market. You get it with gentle, qualified training, so that you have a physically and mentally healthy horse in the long term with the best gait you can call your own. Either bring it to your own barn to raise it and then send it back to us to be broken in, or leave it with us for rearing and then use our unique concept: .


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The recipe for lifelong fun with your new gaited horse!

The Basics
  • You bought a foal from us and confrmed the training concept with us

  • Raising the foal:

    • The foal stays with us or

    • you take care of it yourself until the training starts-> Then you give us the young horse for further training, which is good on the halter alone and with other horses, gives hooves and can be touched everywhere

  • The horse is at least three years old and no more than 5 years old

The conditions
  • 70€ per month from moving out (weanling, 6 months) until pick up after training (plus boarding fee during training or if it remains to be raised)

  • While your horse is with us, if you want to visit it, you get a guest room at half price

The advantages
  • No time pressure, no financial pressure (assuming you pay elsewhere a boarding fee, too, and there are no high training costs that makes hurries necessary

  • Your horse may even come into a familiar environment with other young horses from his year and thus starts with a very good basis of trust

  • The young horse is trained in the field on the trails with a variety of environmental stimuli, without one-sided stress

  • Concentrated competence in breeding and training of young horses as well as in the Speed ​​Racking Horse breed



The result

A gently ridden young horse that is trained under the rider up to the first tölt steps, has basic trust in people and enjoys working together and gives you long-term pleasure!

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