RDLF Sol Peruano

Unser Neuzugang aus den USA: Ein Traumpferd in jeder Hinsicht, das keine Wünsche offen lässt

Dieser Hengst hat uns den Atem geraubt, als wir ihn das erste Mal sahen: Mehrfacher Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion, diverse Male Best Gaited Horse der Show, Gewinner vieler Shows u.a. US National Show als Best Gaited Horse, phänomenaler Nachwuchs, beste Gesundheit...Man sieht ihm einfach an, dass er ein direkter HNS Domingo Sohn ist!

Als wir hörten, dass er verkauft wird, konnten wir nicht anders...



Andrea del Solar, niece of HNS Domingo owner Raul del Solar, and daughter of the longtime trainer of Rancho de la Florecita  about Sol Peruano: "I grew up along with RDLF Sol Peruano on Rancho de la Florecita. I have had the great pleasure to ride him and enjoy him as the total package that he is over and over again and I cannot emphasize how wonderful this
horse is. Some of my greatest memories on a horse are with Sol Peruano. I still remember sneaking into his stall while he was laying down, napping and spending hours laying with
him just enjoying him not even thinking that he was a stallion but a
friend. Then actually getting on him (saddle or not) and feeling the
change in attitude from friend to worker and pleaser. Ready to do what you, the rider, asks of him. The power you can feel underneath you. The strength and nerves you can feel between your legs. Always knowing the brio within the horse and all you have to do is ask and he will give it to you. Looking over the side and seeing the bottom of his hoof saying hello to you from all the termino this horse has. When you ride this horse, you feel as though you are on top of the world. He gives you his
all every single time and he will do that until the day he passes from this world.
I was also very lucky to ride his sire several times. My great-uncle is Raul del Solar, who imported HNS Domingo to the USA. Sol Peruano is similar to his sire in several ways. They both want to be your friend, they are gentle and kind and confident with wonderful ground manners.
One you get on them, their heads go up and are held high with pride and grace, they step a little faster and with more purpose, they are ready to please their rider and take them to the end of the world if that is what is asked of them. I was the last person to ride Domingo. He was 29 years old and even though I hopped on bareback and with only a halter and rope, he gave me the true champion that he always had been. Only a few months later he passed away of old age.
Sol Peruano is also a true champion. I am very happy to know he has landed in such wonderful hands. I am thrilled that he will pass on his legacy and that of his sire's to a whole new country. I hope you all enjoy him and love him as much as he was in the USA. I know he will win everyone over as he always has"


Terry Jarchow, wellknown breeder of Rancho de la Florecita (RDLF): "Domingo (SPs father) died when he was 29 and he was ridden nearly that long. He was really an unbelieveable horse. Watching him move was breathtaking. Sol Peruano has always been a very strong horse. He was shown for years without a problem - no lameness, no swelling.

Thank you for the video! I love watching him gait! He is still awesome! Thank you for loving

him and your kindness to him!"


geb. 1995, ca. 80 Nachkommen, Chocolate Palamino


























Sol Peruanos erster Pasollano am Vogelstockerhof, einen Tag nach seiner Ankunft hier:































Auszug aus den Show Records

Sol Peruano,
Paso Peruano

Ein guter Zuchthengst beweist sich an seiner Nachzucht - überzeugen Sie sich selbst  - Sol Peruano Offspring (Extract)

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