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New concept of check-it-out-rides 2023

The Speed ​​Racking Horse is a very unique breed of gaited horse, because they offer an easy-riding, natural rack up to speed rack, but is always adjustable with one ear to its rider. So to say "GO" with a relax button. Our breeding horses are selected to be very easy in a true 4 beat singlefoot, that makes the ride such a unique experience. So that we can respond to you individually on your first ride, our check-it-out-rides are only intended for one to a maximum of two people and are not collective appointments. Your horses are not jaded school horses, but are among the best single-footed horses in Europe. During the winter we only offer appointments by arrangement in exceptional cases, but it will start again from around April 2023 and bookings can be made immediately!

[We are a breeding facility that intention is to provide the uniqueness of the breed to gaited horse lovers. We are no commercial riding provider so please don´t order that weekends, just for riding any horse or for your kids]

Why drink and drive when you can ride and fly?!!!

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