Paso Peruano



Breed and goals of breeding


Today the Peruvian Paso is the result of over 400 years of controlled breeding in Peru where breeders wanted to create a horse with beauty, stamina, and riding comfort. Their achievements have produced a horse with unique motion of the front legs and a 4 beat lateral gait both of which are genetically transmitted.


The Peruvian Horse descends from two different breeds of war pony introduced into Peru by the Conquistadors, specifically the Spanish Jennett and Andulasian.  The Jennett passed on its even temperament, ambling gait and smooth ride.  From the Andalusian came the classic carriage, animation of action, spirit and much of the conformation.  The mixing of these bloods plus climate and forage served to modify future generations and to create this unique breed which possessed characteristic different from those of any other horse in the world.


The Peruvian Paso is inherently intelligent and quick to learn and seems to enjoy being cooperative and amenable.  In Peru, they have been used for fighting bulls from horseback.  Therefore they must have endurance, speed, agility and calmness plus courage.

The average height of the Paso is 1,43 - 1,55 m.  These beautiful horses come in all solid colors plus various roan colors also.  The Peruvian is usually ridden and shown in the traditional Peruvian tack, but he can be ridden in Western, English, Saddle Seat and Plantation.


Our goal of breeding are solid, strong horses with very good constitution and character. They should show a lot of Brio and easy riding at the same time with action in the front and impulsion from the rear.

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