Paso Iberoamericano


The perfect mixture

Paso & PRE


Characteristics and Breeding Objective


The Paso Iberoamericano connects the advantages of two breeds which are quite close to eachother. The tolt predisposition of the southamerican gaited horses (Paso Peruano, Paso Fino, Mangalar Machadores) and the noblesse, the rideability and calibre of the Iberian horse (PRE, Lusitano).


Intended is a four gaited, versatile horse: Natural, clear rythm gait for comfortable riding in sport and horse-back tracking with robust, healty constitution. It profits of both sides from the extension, willingness and intelligence.


The breeding follows the 3/8 - 5/8 model: The first generation is the cross-breeding of a Paso Peruano / Fino or Mangalar with a PRE or Lusitano to a "F1". Subsequently it is a re-breeding to the gaited horse with a Paso Peruano, Paso Fino or Mangalar.


Not only insiders know that not rare especially the F1 are very extraordinary combinations.


In germany exist less than 5 breedes of Paso Iberoamericano. In Europe maybe 10. The goal of the breeding of Vogelstockerhof is a gaited Peruvian Paso with the size and the strengh of a Pura Raza Espanola.



breeding features:


origin: Costa Rica, Latin america


Size: 144 - 160 cm


Colours: all, no painted horses




Paso Iberoamericano in Costa Rica


The perfect result

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